Bio/Artist Statement

Zachary R. Young

Self-Portrait 2008, 18x24 charcoal

On February 27th, 1989, I popped out of my mother like a hot cookie from an easy bake oven. Eager to experience life as a human, I got straight to work and started doodling ye old mates from a nearby star system, you know, the amoeba headies on planet Cheez-It. 

When I was young, I remember being asked "What school do you want to go to when you grow up?" I would say, without a doubt, that I would someday go to The Academy of Art in San Francisco. Almost a decade later I became a student at AAU obtaining a BFA in 2013 with a degree in Traditional Illustration. Wow, it's been that long since I graduated? What's happened to me? No, seriously, what's happened since then?

A year after graduating I started working at Costco. A year and a half later, I quit Costco, bought a bicycle and rode across the country (Fairfield CA to Brooklyn NY). My sister lives in Brooklyn so I stayed there and delivered food and packages on my bike for a few months. Took a train back to California and worked on commissions while traveling a bit more.

I'm fascinated by anything that deals with the mysteries of the universe, the evolution of consciousness, conspiracy theories about human existence, the nature of reality, human behavior, life experiences and so much more. In the past couple of years I've been getting back into writing stories and have embarked on a couple of comic book/graphic novel projects with my childhood friend.  We're currently in the writing process of it all so the first project won't be out for a while but we can't wait to release it once it is finished!

Ideally, I would like to make enough to take care of my family and to have the freedom to work on my art and write until I die. In my free time I love writing poetry, philosophy, and random stories, petting my dog, talking to myself, and coming up with the next best idea that will change the world. I have yet to find this mind-blowing idea or philosophy but someday I will, someday. Or maybe I just haven't shown the world yet.