Deep Theory #1: Ardipithecus Now live on Kickstarter! (click the image)

Deep Theory is a sci-fi comic book anthology series about the deepest questions in life. Written & Created by Zach Young and Vish Desai. Come join us on our journey down the rabbit hole!

Most of my recent work is on Instagram (you can click the blue tab in the upper right corner of this page).

I'm currently not accepting any commissions at the moment. I will have limited prints available on Etsy and my originals are always for sale.

Etsy shop is NOW OPEN! In my shop you will find prints of my recent work, favorited past work and originals will be coming soon. I've included backstories for you to connect with artwork. Feel free to browse for gifts, belated gifts, or just something to place on your wall. I encourage direct orders through email. 

If you would like to have my work on a tote bag, t-shirt, phone case, writing journal, or any other useful items, please visit my REDBUBBLE "print-on-demand" page and you could purchase there.

Thank you for taking the time to see my work and I always appreciate when my art is shared.‚Äč

"I'm tired of dreaming."

- Withan H.


Zachary R. Young